3.5-1785 7 yıl, 7 ay önce NetPlay: Make sure the server knows it's stopped when it's stopped
3.5-1784 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Only call SetGenerationMode from BPWritten if the cull mode changed.
3.5-1783 7 yıl, 7 ay önce NetPlay: Disable the "Start" button while the game is running
3.5-1782 7 yıl, 7 ay önce NetPlay: Remove the "Stop" button
3.5-1781 7 yıl, 7 ay önce NetPlay: Allow hosts to stop the game by closing the game window
3.5-1780 7 yıl, 7 ay önce NetPlay: Set the pad buffer size on server creation
3.5-1779 7 yıl, 7 ay önce D3DBase: Don't pass the DEBUG flag when creating a device
3.5-1774 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] General formatting clean-up.
3.5-1773 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Fix the gamepad settings view inflation.
3.5-1772 7 yıl, 7 ay önce VertexShaderGen: Cleanup.
3.5-1771 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Correct the accessibility scope of a method and variable in InputConfigFragment.java. Also, join a variable's declaration and assignment in the onMotionEvent() function.
3.5-1770 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Add 'final' to all of the class declarations.
3.5-1769 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Fix invalid C++ code (returning reference to local) - thanks devm33.
3.5-1768 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Main title text for the file browser items are bolded again. Must have removed it accidentally during the previous large refactor.
3.5-1767 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Make the file browser look much more nice and user friendly to use.
3.5-1766 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Add translatable="false" to the names of the string arrays in prefvalues.xml.
3.5-1765 7 yıl, 8 ay önce [Android] Integer.toString isn't required in this string declaration. Concatenation handles this.
3.5-1764 7 yıl, 8 ay önce [Android] Clean up function SupportsGLES3 in PrefsFragment.java a little bit.
3.5-1763 7 yıl, 8 ay önce [Android] Some tiny cleanups in DolphinEmulator.java
3.5-1762 7 yıl, 8 ay önce Simplify asset copying code a little bit in DolphinEmulator.java