3.5-1771 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Correct the accessibility scope of a method and variable in InputConfigFragment.java. Also, join a variable's declaration and assignment in the onMotionEvent() function.
3.5-1770 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Add 'final' to all of the class declarations.
3.5-1769 10 yıl, 10 ay önce Fix invalid C++ code (returning reference to local) - thanks devm33.
3.5-1768 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Main title text for the file browser items are bolded again. Must have removed it accidentally during the previous large refactor.
3.5-1767 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Make the file browser look much more nice and user friendly to use.
3.5-1766 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Add translatable="false" to the names of the string arrays in prefvalues.xml.
3.5-1765 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Integer.toString isn't required in this string declaration. Concatenation handles this.
3.5-1764 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Clean up function SupportsGLES3 in PrefsFragment.java a little bit.
3.5-1763 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Some tiny cleanups in DolphinEmulator.java
3.5-1762 10 yıl, 10 ay önce Simplify asset copying code a little bit in DolphinEmulator.java
3.5-1761 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Clean up the function CopyAsset in DolphinEmulator.java.
3.5-1760 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Change the name of a variable in FolderBrowser.java to better reflect its purpose
3.5-1759 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Multi-language support (or at least the basic foundation of it).
3.5-1758 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Use a HashMap in PrefsFragment.java instead of two CharSequence arrays.
3.5-1757 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Seems like InputConfigFragment.java also had explicit list indexing. Removed it from here too.
3.5-1756 10 yıl, 10 ay önce [Android] Remove unnecessary explicit indexing of entries in a List within AboutFragment.java
3.5-1755 10 yıl, 10 ay önce Software Renderer: Show each backend's display name instead of its short name in the config dialog.
3.5-1754 10 yıl, 10 ay önce ShaderGen: Optimize out most function calls for uid generation.
3.5-1753 10 yıl, 10 ay önce LightingShaderGen: Use macro magic instead of snprintf. Should fix performance problems.
3.5-1752 10 yıl, 10 ay önce ShaderGen: Static inline everything.