3.5-2145 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Fix the position of a logcat logging statement. If, for whatever reason, the event parameter is null, then the previous placement would have caused an exception.
3.5-2144 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Clean up AboutFragment's onAttach method.
3.5-2143 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Merge branch 'wii-network'
3.5-1936 8 yıl, 3 ay önce ogl: warn on osd if not supported features are enabled
3.5-1935 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Simplify onAttach for CPUSettingsFragment and VideoSettingsFragment
3.5-1934 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Remove the documentation of a parameter in GameListItem that was removed a while ago.
3.5-1933 8 yıl, 3 ay önce ogl: reset api state for blitting
3.5-1932 8 yıl, 3 ay önce ogl driverdetails: add flag to disable hacked and pinned memory
3.5-1931 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Add wad file support.
3.5-1930 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Remove the explicit key event listener from InputConfigFragment. The AlertDialog class has a key listener built into it.
3.5-1929 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Only dismiss the input dialog when an input is registered. Before it would dismiss upon the first event. Fixes a bug where control sticks wouldn't register because of the AlertDialog closing...
3.5-1928 8 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Make the dialog variable in InputConfigFragment a local variable in onPreferenceTreeClick. With the new input UI, this doesn't need to be accessible to other classes.
3.5-1927 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Merge branch 'android-new-input-ui'
3.5-1918 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Fix a crash in the Wiimote registration code
3.5-1917 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Actually allow the dump and logs folders to be set outside of user/
3.5-1916 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Allow user folder to be set via command line.
3.5-1915 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Send pad buffer to clients when they join; fixes issue 6524.
3.5-1914 8 yıl, 3 ay önce sync gpu: check disable flag before volatile
3.5-1913 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Revert "[Android] First french translation. "
3.5-1912 8 yıl, 3 ay önce Revert "[Android] Added 2nd file for French translation. " This breaks the Android UI. 'translatable="false"' is there for a reason." This reverts commit 5d9700a30388ef0b20bd6a7c9a81c328f482d044.