3.5-604 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Dolphin needs to be restarted before playing back a wiimote movie, so let's suggest that instead of giving an unhelpful error message.
3.5-603 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Fix a typo.
3.5-602 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Wow, I'm dumb. Fix mismatched set/get.
3.5-601 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Fix a potential issue when someone has a CPU core that isn't available on that host set in the INI file, it would just fail out. Now it defaults to interpreter.
3.5-600 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Add a comment about Qualcomm in load stores.
3.5-599 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Fix a potential memory leak in function DecompressBlobToFile in CompressedBlob.cpp
3.5-598 10 yıl, 11 ay önce Make sure to mask out the FPU rounding mode correctly. Good spot from LionCash.
3.5-597 10 yıl, 12 ay önce fix debug build
3.5-596 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Clean up PPCSTATE_OFF
3.5-595 10 yıl, 12 ay önce fix vertexloader without jit
3.5-594 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Merge branch 'vertex-loader-cleanup'
3.5-564 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Add ARM Jit to GUI when built on ARM
3.5-563 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Make the (V)LDR/(V)STR instructions support negative offsets. This fixes a bug where Arm Jit couldn't load the top 33 FPRs. Also makes it so the core can access all GPRs, FPRs, and SPRs in ppcState. T...
3.5-562 10 yıl, 12 ay önce OK, seriously, buildfix. I shouldn't even have commit access!
3.5-561 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Buildfix for real.
3.5-560 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Buildfix!
3.5-559 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Use standard binary multiple unit symbols for game size display. Use integer math for the calculation as we cannot rely on floats for something as important as game size display!
3.5-558 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Disable SSE2 check in the GUI when building ARM.
3.5-557 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Fixed issue 5270. Don't ask me how, I just clean up code and then it works! I think it was int overflow.
3.5-556 10 yıl, 12 ay önce Fix compiling Dolphin on devices that provide crazy GLES drivers