3.5-2423 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [Android] Use a simpler "startActivity()" call in DolphinEmulator.java. Turns out the other one isn't 4.0 compatible, but actually only 4.1 and up. Also, in this case, we really don't actually care ab...
3.5-2422 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Fix indentation in function PSO_MakeSaveGameValid() in GCMemcard.cpp.
3.5-2421 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Revert "ogl: change the default buffer upload on osx+nvidia"
3.5-2420 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [ARM] Fix the FPR cache to not have to dump registers after every instruction. Add mullwox instruction.
3.5-2419 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [ARM] Fix VSQRT/VCMP/VCMPE/VCMPE0/VCMP0 emitters when using the high 16 double registers.
3.5-2418 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Add WBFS to the file extensions supported by Dolphin on OSX
3.5-2417 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Add * to the characters leading a verbatim line (used in Gecko codes comments)
3.5-2416 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Really fix reading projection hacks from game inis.
3.5-2415 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Fix reading projection hack from game inis in ISOProperties.
3.5-2414 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Set L/R buttons in tas input, instead of just the analog triggers.
3.5-2413 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [ARM] crand/crandc/creqv/crnand/crnor/cror/crorc/crxor/mcrf/mfcr/mtcrf/mtsr/mcrxr/mfsr implementations.
3.5-2412 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [ARM] Renables load instructions with update.
3.5-2411 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [Android] Slightly change the layout of the AboutFragment. Looks more like an actual list view now.
3.5-2410 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [Android] Make the AboutFragment extend the ListFragment, since this is basically what this fragment acts as. Much more descriptive than simply extending Fragment.
3.5-2409 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Fix two wrong opcodes in the x64Emitter. PEXTRW and PINSRW were actually writing PCMPGTB opcodes. Thanks for the help Sintendo.
3.5-2408 10 yıl, 8 ay önce Gameini database update. Fixes issue 6531. Fixes issue 6532.
3.5-2407 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [ARM] Flush the fpr cache between every instruction. Do this until I figure out what is destroying the FPR register states.
3.5-2406 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [GLES3] Enable support for primitive restart.
3.5-2405 10 yıl, 8 ay önce [ARM] Add dcbt/dcbtst/dcba noops.
3.5-2404 10 yıl, 8 ay önce VideoCommon: fix ogl lighting bug which happens because of NaN emulation