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Merge branch 'master' into Triforce

# By Ryan Houdek (568) and others
# Via Matthew Parlane (38) and others
* master: (2809 commits)
  Revert "Add dxsdk_dir to vc++ paths via base.props. This means you no longer need the paths in a global property sheet. In fact if you have them in such a file, you should remove them as it will cause conflicts with the vs2013 build."
  Removed duplicate definition of ibuild within JitIL.h.  Fixes JitIL from hanging on x64/x86.
  Improve ChunkFile.h:
  [Android] Do /not/ give users the benefit of the doubt that the device supports OpenGL ES 3 when we can't grab an OpenGL context. The only devices that fail to do so is PowerVR5 and we can't run with them anyway.
  ogl: ceil viewport, rounding isn't supported on vs and this is more like the old behavior
  ogl: don't force depth+stencil for default framebuffer
  VideoCommon: drop UpdateViewportWithCorrection
  VideoCommon: remove constants.depthparams[2+3] as they aren't used in the shader at all
  ogl: remove some unneeded includes
  d3d: use backend based UpdateViewport instead of VideoCommon one
  ogl: don't call SetViewportChanged from backend as it's not needed any more
  VideoCommon: move ViewportCorrection into VideoCommon
  VideoCommon: Drop D3D9 SSAA implementation
  [viewport-float] Fix OpenGL ES 3 build.
  OGL: Use floating points for viewport parameters.
  Fix FXAA shader for OpenGL ES 3.
  [Android] Fix PCH build. Clean up DolphinWX cmake file a little bit. Modify our android cmake toolchain file to make the default build location not be source root, because that is stupid.
  Add git.bat to the options in make_scmrev.h.js because depot_tools uses it and I'm silly.
  Fix Linux build issue.
  This introduces a FXAA post processing shader for our OpenGL backend. I would like to acredit mudlord for making this possible. He provided the code necessary for making this PP shader possible. Without it, this shader would have still not been done. So a major hats off for doing all the hard work mudlord.