3.0-882 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Use the global ::wxSetCursor instead of the local one from our panel object. Should close 3956.
3.0-881 7 yıl, 3 ay önce (CoreAudio) Retain volume value until initialization. Makes volume slider work when game isn't running. Fixes issue 5383.
3.0-880 7 yıl, 3 ay önce If the HOME environment variable isn't set, fall back on to PWD. Closes 5584.
3.0-879 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Adds the Wii Korean settings file. It was handled in the wii-network branch in rev c42a6f156e2c. Master handles the settings files differently. Until wii-network merges in to master, this closes issue...
3.0-878 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Fix OSX build once again. Apparently OSX needs to get with the times.
3.0-877 7 yıl, 4 ay önce PixelShaderGen: Drop some useless and potentially buggy code.
3.0-876 7 yıl, 4 ay önce OSX build fix for the unordered_map/hash_map issue.
3.0-875 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Allow input displays to work without an active movie.
3.0-874 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Clean up gcc/g++ compiler warnings that have accumulated.
3.0-873 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Save game list sorting.
3.0-872 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Fix OS X 10.6 compatibility.
3.0-871 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Fix some warnings.
3.0-870 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Merge conflict. Fixes issue 5471.
3.0-869 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Fix a save state crash in some situation.
3.0-868 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Includes are case sensitive and Common is in the include directories so including the file this way was silly.
3.0-867 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Fixing wiimote savestate and recording.
3.0-866 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Making cheats manager resizeable, maximizable, hideable (parentless), higher by default.
3.0-865 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Fix error message about state undo backup always appearing when no movie is active.
3.0-864 7 yıl, 4 ay önce VertexShaderManager: Fix redundant shader constant updates.
3.0-863 7 yıl, 4 ay önce Compile fix for linux.