3.5-1208 7 yıl, 3 ay önce NetPlay: Updated the "Alert" text. Removed the "?" button as it was useless. Sorted the game lists. Made wider the player list.
3.5-1206 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Update iso file cache version.
3.5-1205 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Fixed split WBFS file size display. (probably) Fixed issue 6222.
3.5-1204 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Track the real wiimote rumble state to drop outgoing rumble reports with no effect. This eliminates constant streams of reports in various games that constantly send audio reports. (Just Dance 2, DKCR...
3.5-1203 7 yıl, 3 ay önce ogl: support glsl120
3.5-1202 7 yıl, 3 ay önce ogl: one framebuffer per efb2tex texture
3.5-1201 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Seriously, someone kill me.
3.5-1200 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Kill me now.
3.5-1199 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Remove an extraneous comment indicator from DebuggerPanel.cpp in DolphinWX.
3.5-1198 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Remove all tab/space mismatches from the DolphinWX project (at least 99%. I promise!)
3.5-1197 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Rename the "Disable Dest. Alpha Pass" option to "Disable Destination Alpha" (GUI-only).
3.5-1196 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Fix a few typos in the comments/logging in VideoDX9, VideoCommon, and VideoSoftware projects.
3.5-1195 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Look for wiimotes when "Continuous Scanning" is enabled even if a device using the MS stack is not found. Fixed issue 6215.
3.5-1194 7 yıl, 3 ay önce D3D11: Fix glitched polygon edges when MSAA is enabled (this time without breaking OpenGL)
3.5-1193 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Allow enabling memory card writes for netplay clients, instead of just the server.
3.5-1192 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Allow disabling memory card writes in netplay.
3.5-1191 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Apply re07a91930df0 to the software renderer.
3.5-1190 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Bumped up the LLE period to 12600 as it seemed to be a bit more stable.
3.5-1189 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Forced an exception check after an interrupt is generated by the DSP. Changed the timing back to 3ms/5ms periods, fixing the slowdown and garbled AX audio. Fixed Accurate VBeam emulation when DSP HLE...
3.5-1188 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Merge branch 'real-wiimote-minor-fixes'