3.5-2395 7 yıl, 6 ay önce D3D11: Fix screenshot aspect ratio.
3.5-2394 7 yıl, 6 ay önce [ARM] fcmpo/fcmpu implementations.
3.5-2393 7 yıl, 6 ay önce [ARM] fctiwzx implementation. This isn't implemented in JIT64 and it is unstandeable why it isn't.
3.5-2392 7 yıl, 6 ay önce [ARM] Add NEON VORR and fix encoding on NEON VEOR. Remove VMRS_APSR because it is the same as VMRS(PC)
3.5-2391 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Add a hacky check for text file size in ReadFileToString. Fixes issue 6455.
3.5-2390 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Merge branch 'wad_gamenames'
3.5-2388 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Look for portable.txt in the exe directory and activate portable mode if it exists
3.5-2387 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Fix INIFile ignoring the last line of files
3.5-2386 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] No need to use startActivityForResult in DolphinEmulator.java any more. Just some leftover stuff from the big refactor.
3.5-2385 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [Android] Fix the name of the parameters in some unused interface methods.
3.5-2384 7 yıl, 7 ay önce No, i don't check what i committed before pushing to master, one week before a release.
3.5-2383 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Create blank ini file before editing it, if it doesn't already exists. This prevents the editor from prompting to create it.
3.5-2382 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Made defaults "explicitly defaulted" for PolarSSL Fixes issue 6601
3.5-2381 7 yıl, 7 ay önce Merge branch 'global-user-directory'
3.5-2368 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [ARM] slwx/srwx/srawx implementations.
3.5-2367 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [ARM] Add LSRS emitters, and ASR{S} register emitters. Fixes encoding in LSR emitter.
3.5-2366 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [ARM] fmaddsx and fmaddx implementations.
3.5-2365 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [ARM] stmw implementation.
3.5-2364 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [ARM] stfd and stfdu implementations.
3.5-2363 7 yıl, 7 ay önce [ARM] cntlzwx implementation.