4.0-377 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Disable the workaround for Qualcomm devices with driver >= 53 for the rotated framebuffer since it is fixed now.
4.0-376 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Broken UBOs has been fixed in Adreno driver v53, so update the comment in DriverDetails.h. Also enable dynamic UBO array member access with that version since there is a high chance of it be...
4.0-375 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Simplify the AboutFragmentAdapter a little bit.
4.0-374 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Externalize the device compatibility warning strings.
4.0-373 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Indicate whether or not the device supports NEON within the About fragment.
4.0-372 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Get rid of some unnecessary variables in the getView() methods of some adapters.
4.0-371 7 yıl, 5 ay önce [Android] Spawn a message if someone's phone doesn't support NEON. NEON is a requirement for Dolphin Mobile on ARM, CPU core will crash without it.
4.0-370 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Fix introduced ImageWrite warning.
4.0-368 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Fix OS X wxWidgets complaining.
4.0-367 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Fix GUI-less build. Also potentially OS X. We now require libpng due to our screenshot code relying on it now. WXWidgets links in libpng by itself so it isn't noticed in a wxwidgets build. OS X seems ...
4.0-366 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Goto crosses initialization error. Sorry.
4.0-365 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Reworked Screenshot saving. Now OGL doesn't rely on WX for PNG saving. FlipImageData supports (pixel data len > 3) now. TextureToPng is now in ImageWrite.cpp/h Video Common depends on zlib and png. D3...
4.0-364 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Fixed ZComploc and Zfreeze values being incorrectly saved.
4.0-363 7 yıl, 5 ay önce More warning fixes, OSX build fix.
4.0-362 7 yıl, 5 ay önce Use libpng for saving images. TODO: Needs threading done similiar to OGL backend. Fixes issue 6779.
4.0-361 7 yıl, 5 ay önce build fix
4.0-360 7 yıl, 5 ay önce more warning fixes
4.0-359 7 yıl, 5 ay önce atlbase not needed. Interim fix until I get png done.
4.0-358 7 yıl, 6 ay önce Windows requires memory to be included to use unique_ptr
4.0-357 7 yıl, 6 ay önce Remove our two instances of auto_ptr and replace it with unique_ptr. auto_ptr has been deprecated.