4.0-571 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Merge branch 'fuck-you-src-i-hate-you'
4.0-569 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Convert all vcxproj files to UNIX line endings
4.0-568 7 yıl, 3 ay önce HW: Remove unnecessary "../HW/" in include paths
4.0-567 7 yıl, 3 ay önce TAP_Win32: Remove unnecessary Memmap.h include
4.0-566 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Disable primitive restart on buggy OS X Intel HD 3000 drivers.
4.0-565 7 yıl, 3 ay önce D3D/OGL: Add a TODO noting that we don't support GX_CULL_ALL, most notably required for accurate zfreeze emulation.
4.0-564 7 yıl, 3 ay önce VertexShaderGen: Remove Sonic Unleashed hack. Doesn't seem to be required anymore.
4.0-563 7 yıl, 3 ay önce VertexShaderManager: Remove a hardcoded projection hack.
4.0-562 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Software renderer: Add a zfreeze related TODO.
4.0-561 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Free performance for AMD+Linux. Instead of disabling BaseVertex due to pinned_memory. Just disable pinned_memory for the ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER type which has issues with baseVertex(ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER...
4.0-560 7 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Enable shader cache.
4.0-559 7 yıl, 3 ay önce [ARM] Implement tw/twi
4.0-558 7 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Support grabbing OpenGL extensions and a function for checking for support.
4.0-557 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Support grabbing whichever OpenGL mode we are running under from GLInterface. GLES or GL
4.0-556 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Fixed issue 6245. (ISO Path's "Remove" button not being disabled when it should be)
4.0-555 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Eliminate some Wiimote acceleration logic redundancy. Yeah, I eliminated a total of 3 LSB of accel data in the process, but no one will notice.
4.0-554 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Revert "Reading shake force from calibration rather than a constant" It didn't make sense. The math was nonsensical. Calibration data was somehow applied twice. I don't even.
4.0-553 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Fix some emulated wiimote turntable stupidness (DJ Hero controller). Happy Christmas! Fixed issue 6865.
4.0-552 7 yıl, 3 ay önce [Android] Fix the gradle build system to allow for building from terminal. It will now copy the library files correctly and sign the resulting apk.
4.0-551 7 yıl, 3 ay önce Remove our GLU dependency. Fix static zlib